Kevin Morgan-Rothschild / COO

Kevin has a passion for integrating aeroponics into the urban environment. He holds a degree in Sociology and Social Policy and Planning with a focus in urban agriculture, urban planning, architectural design, rural sociology and New Orleans urban geography. His work with a local farmers cooperative led him to develop his interest in the implementation of aquaponics and other soilless farming technology to the urban landscape.

In October of 2013, International Youth Foundation named Kevin as a Global Laureate Fellow for his work with VertiFarms.





Doug Jacobs / CEO

Doug's interest in sustainable growing started when he visited the Living with the Land exhibit at Epcot when he was 13.   Doug has helped developed farms for Google, NASA Kennedy Space Center, AT&T Park (home of the San Francisco Giants), dozens of small urban farmers, schools, and universities around the USA. He has extensive experience in controlled environment agriculture, sustainable growing practices, and automatedsystems.